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Meireles appliances are a tribute to flavour and function, designed for those who are bold in the kitchen and demand excellence in every dish.

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E915 R

90cm gas electric stove

Performance and features

5 High efficiency gas burner
Integrated ignition
4kW Wok burner
Cast iron pot rests
Energy class A
Twin thermo-ventilated oven
Push click storage compartment

Electronic programmer & timer

Thermo-reflective glass

Easy clean removable triple glass door

8 functions


Triple glass cold door

Flame failure device

Delayed start function

Volume 121 L

Available colours:

Black, Red, Cream

and Stainless Steel


Flavourful traditions

Contemporary Cooking with a Traditional Touch

With Meireles, enter a world where the passion of Portuguese cooking is brought to life through a fusion of traditional flair and modern innovation. Each Meireles appliance is a portal to the soulful cuisine of Portugal, designed for those who are as passionate about cooking as they are about life. The robust construction and contemporary design of Meireles ranges and ovens stand ready to tackle any culinary challenge, empowering you to unleash the full spectrum of flavours that define Portuguese gastronomy.


Modern innovations

Innovate, Create, and Savour with Meireles

From the sizzle of chorizo to the sweetness of pastéis de nata, Meireles is your partner in crafting dishes that resonate with authenticity and zest. The precision and reliability of their appliances mean that whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, the spirit of culinary exploration is always at your fingertips. Meireles doesn’t just manufacture appliances; they create experiences that celebrate the joy of cooking, the delight of tasting, and the pleasure of sharing.

Meireles Product Range


Culinary excellence with Portuguese flair

Meireles infuses the South African kitchen with the vibrant energy of a Portuguese festival, turning daily meals into a celebration of heritage and community.

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