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Supplier: Rinnai Gas Geysers back

Hot water need never run out – stay in the shower or bath as long as you like.
You dont pay to keep hot water sitting in a cylinder – water heats on demand.
No more mixing hot and cold water to get your required temperature. Rinnai’s digital controllers gives you precise control at the push of a button.

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International Suppliers

At Eurafrican we knew that the discerning local South African market expected nothing but the very best. This is precisely why companies such as Rosires, with their proven record of excellence, were the only clear options for us.

The European market is by no means monopolised and competition is tough. It is, however, this very challenging environment that has forged the bonds of quality and service delivery that both Eurafrican and our clients demand. Our line of suppliers is made up of those European corporations who have consecutively come out on top as the leaders in quality heating and kitchen appliances.

Renowned for their craftsmanship, each one of our suppliers is a specialist in their respective field, featuring the very best mixtures of technology, exquisite manufacturing and durability in every one of their products. So whether it be the masters of extraction expertise Pierre Roblin, the dedicated precision of TEN Flue Pipes, or the decadent splendour of a finely crafted Godin home fireplace - our clients know that any Eurafrican brand purchase is a statement of elegant perfection.

From amongst hundreds of competitors, we have used our own significant experience in the market to select the very best from the European market. For most companies this may have been sufficient, but at Eurafrican we don't merely believe in going the extra mile, we perceive it as simply part of the whole journey. As such, we have also taken the unique flavour of our South African market into great account when making the final pick from our esteemed suppliers.

Beauty, luxury and functionality collide in each and every intricate piece on display at a Eurafrican show room. We have carefully detailed each retailer in your area so that you to can experience the moment when a Rosires or similar quality product claims you as it's own. We hereby invite you to experience comfort and style, for life.