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Home Appliances

Welcome to Eurafrican Cape Town, the official site featuring the pinnacle in European cookware and appliance importing in South Africa. As a leading supplier of kitchen and home appliances, Eurafrican Cape Town, prides itself on an untarnished service record and an inventory suitable for the needs of all South Africans seeking quality and comfort.

With finely crafted home appliances sourced from only the top suppliers in Europe we are a family owned business which understands the needs of our valued South African customers. If you’ve reached our site then you are not simply in search of mere tools and impersonal implements, but rather, expertly manufactured domestic products. Our stock is designed to assist our customers in developing the unique feeling of their home.

Whether your personal style preference is modern or antique, Art Deco or Art Nouveau, we at Eurafrican Cape Town, are expertly placed to advise on andĀ fulfillĀ your vision of the perfect home. We have a wide selection of kitchen appliances and equipment, each piece manufactured by skilled craftsmen, who take tender pride in every flawless angle and embossed design.

From gas and electrical appliances to heaters and fireplaces, our inventory features a selection from which any South African homemaker can be proud to opt into their personal environment. Our heaters and fireplaces were chosen for their quality and the feeling of personal comfort and intimacy that they bestow on a room.

Eurafrican Cape Town is also a professional supplier to the industrial sector and our wide range of heating systems are manufactured by some of the world’s leading specialists in the field. We import a great array of industrial space heaters, dehumidifiers, industrial vacuum cleaners, mobile heaters, heating centres and blow torches. Our Infrared Gas heating systems are uniquely designed to benefit the livestock and poultry production sector.

As a trusted and established South African industrial and domestic appliance provider, Eurafrican has a reputation. Our name is built on the South African publics’ recognition of our long standing dedication to service and quality, and we’re not about to change now. For 48 years we’ve been the trusted brand of home appliances and now we invite you to peruse our assorted cookware, flue pipes and heating systems. Come and join us for the next 48 at Eurafrican Cape Town, comfort and style for life.


If you would like to find out more about Eurafrican Cape Town and our Home appliances, please contact us!